Luxford Investment Group is a design and development firm specializing in luxury homes in the Los Angeles area.

Our dedicated group of skilled professionals have come together with a unique ability to help you find the perfect location, structure financing, construction management and ultimately, even investment asset management. We are dedicated to building long lasting relationships and will be with you every step of the way.

With our “out of the box” thinking style and keen eye for design and architecture makes us effectively lead projects with the intent to build the most iconic and luxury homes out there.

Our team of development experts has built a substantial working knowledge of coming alongside Development teams on a variety of projects big and small. When you hire a Luxford Group Development Manager, you can trust that your project is in able hands. As a Development Manager, our team will align with your unique project needs from Due Diligence to Underwriting. We will also cooperate with investors, financing partners, permit officials, and stakeholders to oversee and handle all construction and completion stages.

With an emphasis on project acquisition and approval, you can rest easy knowing that every aspect of your project is being handled by a professional Development Manager.

At Luxford Group, we are proud to offer a full suite of Project Management services that are proven to provide clients with success. In a true partnership, our Project Managers will partner with you to ensure that your team makes the best decision in every part of your real estate process.

A Luxford Group Project Manager will work closely with your team to ensure that each part of your project is fully strategized and implemented – from beginning to end. Most importantly, your Project Manager will work closely with you and other stakeholders to deliver a finished project that is at or under budget. Each element of the procurement process is tailored to your unique project needs and will have an expert working to keep the process moving smoothly.

Before you begin to break ground on a project, it is necessary to take the time to do Due Diligence prior to acquisition to avoid costly issues down the road. If you are in search of professional Pre-Acquisition Due Diligence services, our team of experts is ready to partner with you through a variety of project types.

Included with the services of Luxford Group is a full suite of guided approaches to project acquisition. From Due Diligence to closing, you can trust that our Pre-Acquisition team  will be run through every necessary risk calculations – from title and zoning issues to various CC&R and jurisdictional guidelines.

With Entitlement Management, each party involved in the project process can work together to develop a strategy for moving toward the Permitting and Construction Phase. This process includes close communication with stakeholders and lenders, as the Owner, Developer, and End-User develop milestones throughout development to aid in fiscal decision making.

Our Project Entitlement Managers will partner with you in the development and implementation of project-specific milestones that will help guide financial stakeholders to move forward in confidence.

Maintaining clear and open communication with lenders throughout the development process is vital to a project’s successful completion. At Luxford Group, we offer professional lender representation services that will work with your team to liaison with lenders to ensure that all necessary processing is completed with all parties involved.

From the beginning of your project to the end, our team will monitor the development process, including contact with lenders, contractors, and other professional services such as attorneys. While you focus on the project, the Luxford Group team will take care of the details along the way.

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